For Sale: 1965 AC Cobra


For Sale: 1965 AC Cobra - United States

Vehicle Description

Ford Manufactured Cobra 4 Valve Engine with Fuel Injection and Factory Wiring with Diagnostics Capabilities

The owner was looking to build a Shelby Cobra that the engine and drive train would have easy operation starting and running characteristic, and the high amount of horse power that can be associated with a newer style fuel injected 4 valve engine. It would be very driver friendly, and have good low end torque, easy drive-ability, reliable, and could be easily diagnosed should any problems occur.

Factory Five Mark IV purchased new. Engine and transmission carefully selected from a local well know supplier.

After the complete build the vehicle was properly inspected, and issued a V.I.N number by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, and it is titled 2014.




* New Build 2013-2014. Owner has performed other Shelby Cobra builds and has hand on performed many frame off restorations along with assistance from selected suppliers and contractors over the last 50 years.


* Factory Five Mark IV Plus Upgrades

* 4.6 Cobra V-8 4 Value Fuel Injected- Approx. 96-98

* Tremec 5 Speed Transmission

* 4 Halibrand Replica Wheels

* Powder Coated Chassis

* Aluminum Radiator

* Electric Fans

* Rack and Pinion Steering

* Leather Seating

* Wilwood Brakes

* Ron Francis Wiring

* 3 Link Rear Suspension

* Simpson Restraint System

* Stainless Brake Lines

* Quick Fill Gas Cap

* Roll Bar

* Headers and Side Exhausts

* Titled as 2014 Assembled Vehicle MK4 Roadster

* Factory Engine and Transmission were at 50K Miles Upon Purchase(Approx. 96-98 Build Date)

* Approx 3.73 Rear End Ratio with Posi

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* Fuel gauge works but not accurate- Needs re-calibrated

* Taillights work

* Headlamps work

* Turn signals work front and rear, left and right

* Brake lights work

* Horn works

* Green dash indicator for turn signals work both sides

* Toggle switch that puts headlamps on high beam, the blue lights on the dash works

* Interior lights work

* On a cold start up with 1000 rpm’s the oil pressure was around 95 lbs and voltage is at 14 ½

* Doors shut nice and smooth and latch well

* Belts hook up properly

* Emergency brake works and holds well

* Electric fans operate

* There is a key for the ignition and a key that locks and works properly on both hood locks and trunk lock.


Test Drive-


Chad drove the vehicle for several miles around a park setting and on a 2 lane road. The car steers easily and smoothly, and is nice and quick at responding well. The engine fires up immediately and runs up around 1000 and when warms up goes down to a normal idle, and certainly has all the nice running benefits of a modern fuel injected engine. The car accelerates and decelerates very smoothly. The clutch operation seems to work smoothly, and the brakes stop easily, and upon braking there is no pulling to the left or right, and without any pulsation. Easily shifts in and out of all 5 gears, and in reverse. The car drives very smoothly and has a good solid feel.

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Listing ID #3003
Price of the vehicle $44,500
Listing State For Sale
Seller Dealer
Miles 317 miles
Exterior Color Black/Gray
Transmission Manual
Drive Type Rear
Engine V L
Country (Location of the vehicle) United States


Year 1965
Make AC
Model Cobra
Seats 2
Doors 2
Drive Type Rear
Transmission Type Manual
Fuel Type Gasoline
Engine Type V

For Sale: 1965 AC Cobra ($44,500 the classic vehicle - 317 miles)

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